I started with working on lawn mowers and tractors on my parents' farm in Southern Delaware, I got my license at 15 and knew where my heart belonged...under the hood of a car.  My first vehicle was a 1967 Dodge D100, I was quickly able to conform my knowledge of a single cylinder lawnmower engine into the carbureted design of a V8 engine. 



Over the course of a few years I bought and modified vehicles while inching my way thru the unique elements of each engine, every car was a new and exciting journey for me.  From throttle body injection to fuel injection, all of the different sensors and how they send signals to the vehicle, making it function, I was hooked.  When I was 19 I started working at a car dealership, my knowledge of vehicles accelerated over a period of 3 years before life was put on hold. 


The last few years of my life I've experienced the hardship that is all too familiar to many American's.  I found myself in desperate need of a job to care for my family, so I took what I could get.  That meant listening to shop manager's quote customers outrageous prices.  Prices a lot of people just afford these days, many had just spent every dollar they had buying a car so they could get to work and take care of their family and they wound up with a car requiring extensive repairs.  It's a typical tale of the desperate and the ones who take advantage of that. 



Mechanic shops enjoy setting traps for people, they count on you not being able to pay that earth-shattering bill of $1,500 while knowing a single mother simply can't afford it, from there a shop will file a mechanics lien to the car, seizing it and re-selling it for a profit, leaving you with nothing.  This is not how to conduct a healthy business.  I know what it means to struggle and fight to care for my family, as many of you who read this do as well.  Life is simply too expensive by itself without having individuals trying to take advantage of the situation.  I got tired of doing 1 or 2 side jobs and hearing "this company charged me $670 for brake pads"  or "I was charged $500 at this shop and it didn't fix the problem."  From my perspective, I feel like if only people knew they could contact me for quality service and fair, accurate estimates, I'd be working to make my money and helping a good person save theirs.  Sounds like a win-win situation, right?


Mobile Mechanics First was born.  Its purpose is to bring you service you can trust, at a rate you can afford, I am not interested in taking my clients' hard-earned money.  I want to be fair because just like you, I'm trying to survive and build a future, but not one based off of lies and hurting people.  I will never cheat or take advantage because I refuse to be that person.



- Detailing

- Head Gaskets

- Tune-ups

- Exhaust Work

- Brakes, Brake Lines, Routers

- Battery Change

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